As Public Adjusters, we work for the public, which is you. With our substantial knowledge of insurance policies, repair cost and negotiation techniques, we prepare a complete presentation, including damage estimates, receipts, photographs and all other necessary information. We will meet with your insurance company and do all the negotiation on behalf of the home and business owner, to ensure that a settlement that is in your best interest, and the maximum settlement possible.

Many people with a valid insurance claim have no idea how to properly prepare and adjust it. They more or less rely on their “insurance adjuster” to do that for them. This is a grave error! You will be at the mercy of your insurance company!

Insurance companies hire and train their OWN adjusters to MINIMIZE your loss. Their adjusters work for the insurance company NOT for the homeowner. They will not hesitate to use any slip of the tongue against you. It is highly unlikely that a person will receive the maximum settlement to which he is entitled by using the insurance companies own adjusters. Are you really sure that you’re receiving a fair settlement?

Asset Protection Public Adjustment, LLC is your best line of defense. Don’t accept less than you are rightfully entitled! We will get you the highest possible settlement for all your insurance claims. Whether your property is residential, commercial, or industrial, Asset Protection Public Adjustment, LLC will negotiate the maximum settlement possible and give you peace of mind.